History of Carolina Beach Presbyterian Church

  • Carolina Beach Presbyterian Church (CBPC) was established as a congregation on November 7, 1943, at the old Carolina Beach Town Hall.

  • The first church building was on Charlotte Avenue, and was completed March 17, 1946. The first regular minister was Rev. John D. MacLeod, who served our congregation, but also other area congregations. The debt for the building and lots were paid off by August 1946.

Charlotte Ave Church Building CBPC.png
  • From the beginning and over its first ten years CBPC was able to grow through the dedication of members and friends, as well as through the help of other congregations in the area.

  • Throughout its early history the congregation ministered to those coming to the area for military service, as well as to the surrounding community.

  • By 1956 the congregation was able to support calling a full-time pastor.

  • The church moved to its current location beginning in the mid 1980’s, and the building was dedicated on Sunday, November 10, 1985, during the tenure of Rev. Dr. Todd M. Hobbie. The church’s previous location on Charlotte Avenue is now the Deck House Restaurant (formerly The Steeple Restaurant and Lounge).

  • CBPC helped to establish the Help Center of Federal Point which began operating as a non-profit on October 10, 1989.

  • The church building on North Lake Park Boulevard underwent renovation in the mid 2000’s to add a larger fellowship hall, additional classrooms, and a larger kitchen. The congregation also purchased adjacent land in order to expand available parking.

  • Our congregation currently serves the community through Meals on Wheels, an annual Red Cross Blood Drive, food drives and year-round support for the Help Center. We are host to multiple Scouting groups, Weight Watchers, Al-Anon, and the quarterly board meetings of the Help Center. Other information about our ongoing ministries can be found here.

CBPC Hellicopter Pic 1 copy.jpg

Succession of Pastors

Dr. John D. MacLeod 1945-1948
Rev. Olin M. Whitener 1948-1949
Rev. Jack W. Ware 1950-1956
Rev. Harry P. Mitchell 1956-1960
Rev. R.W. Childress 1961-1968
Dr. Cothran G. Smith* 1968-1971
Rev. Thomas J. Holden III 1971-1978
Dr. Cothran G. Smith* 1978-1979
Dr. Todd M. Robbie 1979-1987
Dr. Malcolm Mclver* 1987-1988
Dr. Charles D. Elliott 1988-1992
Rev. Daniel E. Norman* 1992-1993
Dr. Robert C. Bankhead 1993-1999
Rev. Nancy Cooper* 1999-2000
Rev. Keith Grogg 2000-2014
Dr. James Johns* 2014-2016
Rev. Jonathan L. Bowling 2016-

(* denotes interim pastor)