With the coming of World War II and the shipyards in Wilmington, and more and more people coming to reside in our area, many residents of Carolina Beach began to feel that their worship to God and service to Jesus Christ could best be expressed by the presence of a Presbyterian Church in Carolina Beach. They began to meet in different homes to talk and pray about it. Consequently, on September 1, 1943, a group of seven met with Dr. G.A. Wilson to prepare a petition. With some thirty more names added, the document was presented to Wilmington Presbytery; and the petition to organize a new church was granted on October 12, 1943.

On November 7, 1943, a commission appointed by the Presbytery met with our people in Carolina Beach Town Hall. After a sermon by Dr. Wilson, Carolina Beach Presbyterian Church was organized with 23 charter members. Dr. William Crowe served as moderator. Four elders were elected, ordained, and installed. Shortly after the formal organization of the church, three lots were purchased in the first block of Charlotte Avenue, where the first block of the sanctuary was laid on July 12, 1945. The cornerstone was laid on December 9, 1945. Building materials were scarce, but the new church was finally ready for occupancy on March 17, 1946.

During the 50's, 60's and 70's the church saw much growth. With the help of the Presbytery, the church purchased property on Highway 421, just south of Snow's Cut Bridge, and built the facility we now occupy. A ground-breaking ceremony was held August 26, 1984; and the new building was dedicated on November 10, 1985. A sudden influx of retirees to the area, the building boom of the early 1980's and the church's new visibility contributed to a growth spurt which lasted several years. The church building on Lake Park Boulevard has afforded us the opportunity to serve our growing community, sponsoring Scout Troop 210, health clinics, Hospice training, parenting classes, Al-Anon, and other community needs, as we have continued to try to carry out the purposes for which this church was established. In 2011, the church under the pastoral leadership of Rev. Keith Grogg completed a major building project, adding a new fellowship hall, commercial-grade kitchen and many new classrooms to ensure that Carolina Beach Presbyterian Church is well prepared to meet the needs of a growing church in the twenty-first century.

Present Identity

We are a welcoming, inclusive, and caring faith family coming from a diversity of backgrounds. This congregation appreciates worship based on Biblical truths and the Reformed Presbyterian Tradition. Areas of particular interest include music programs, quality Christian education and meaningful fellowship. We are grateful for our expanded facilities and the opportunities it provides for the church and community (Boy Scouts, Al-Anon, Weight Watchers, etc.) We take missions seriously and support a variety of projects and organizations both financially and hands on.